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February 5, 2013


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I have decided that I want to do monthly features again! I used to do them, but then it got to where people where asking me to feature them and getting upset when I said no. I really enjoy doing monthly features and helping artists get at least a little bit more exposure. :) So from now on, every month I will feature different characters/art genres. Requests to be featured will not be allowed!

This month's feature is couples! <3 Did you expect something different, given Valentine's Day is just over a week away? ^_-

Usagi & Mamoru
Bunny and Mamoru by Orava Usa-chan and Mamoru by SelenaSeleria Summertime by 0Febris0 Endymion and Serenity by Freedom-Wind Rain of Moonflowers by Valendra The Prince and Princess by angelwings06 waltz in a White dress by selinmarsou Serenity Endymion Kiss Frame-5 by starca Usagi and Mamoru by SelenaSeleria Serenity x Endymion by strawberrygina . T h r e e . L i v e s . by rydi1689 Sailor Moon -Serenity and Endimion - my only love by zelldinchit Endymion and Serenity by Freedom-Wind Sailor Moon by Alejandra-perez Serenity X Endymion by cicadella Onegai yo kisu wo yamenaide II by Nifriel Love is a Beautiful Thing by MistyQue Falling Princess by romantika forbidden love by winetta Bunny and Mamoru by Omen-of-SilverWing Serenity and Endymion by Ebsie

Usagi & Seiya
Meet me on the Moon by selinmarsou fighter and eternal moon by kou-usagi Seiya+Usagi: One-Sided by YoukaiYume Seiya and Usagi by pookstar Sailor Moon: Seiya + Usagi: Confession by Molnja Passion by taichikun14 LOVE----------YOU by morning6am Seiya+Usagi:  Secret by YoukaiYume Seiya+Usagi - Paradise by YoukaiYume Seiya+Usagi: Guilty Pleasure by YoukaiYume Seiya+Usagi: Regrets by YoukaiYume Seiya and his Odango by Ebsie Usagi and Seiya by xobulmaxo :thumb106584325: where you're meant to be by saniika Promises under the full moon. by SEIROTH Happy Birthday, Usagi! by unconventionalsenshi seiya and usagi huggle by kou-usagi Seiya and Bunny ACEO by Eye-X-catcher Faster Kill Pussycat by Lucid-Lilac :thumb18860351:

Chibiusa & Helios
+ The Keeper of Dreams + by vamp-princess-Lumina Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute. by 0Febris0 New Moon Romance by MinamiTakahashi Pegasus by Mi-Lee Helios and ChibiUsa wedding by 4naruto-girl Fly Away With Me to the Clouds by alaer Happy Valentine's Day by MistyQue :thumb202765444: aceo 117 chibiusa x helios by MIAOWx3 Chibiusa and Helios by FanasY Helios and Chibiusa by oOLupalacrimaOo Princess Lady Serenity and Helios by MelodyCrystel Helios and Lady Serenity by Rey-Rey A New Romance by Mangaka-chan Rini + Helios BG by moonlight-messenger Moonlight Waltz by Sayaka-ssi Commission: Rini and Pegasus by dead-kittens3 Chibiusa n Helios by xobulmaxo In my dreams I saw you by Namtia A Princess and her Priest by kishokahime Lady Serenity x Helios by strawberrygina

Chibiusa & Peruru
ChibiUsa and Peruru by kir-tat 3 o' clock Fairy by SMeadows CXP - Just Laugh. by serennac 10: Yume by Ikanu96 Peruru x Chibiusa by Erisley sunset lovin by Underbase Final by nevercrazy

Michiru & Haruka
After a Hard day by Michiru1983 SailorMoon by OkyDraft + DEEP SUBMERGE + by KagomesArrow77 ACEO Haruka x Michiru_Promise by nao--ren :Uranus x Neptune: by yoneyu Uranus,Neptune by nako-75 haruka and michiru - eternal uranus and neptune by zelldinchit Haruka n Michiru x3 by traumhaendler ACEO Apart - Neptune to Uranus by nao--ren Cherry's road by kandasama My Lover - Haruka x Michiru by nao--ren Wedding of the Sea and the Sky by silver-eyes-blue Haruka x Michiru ACEO by nao--ren Fairytale by Ryoko-san18 ACEO Haruka x Michiru - Heart by nao--ren Haruka X Michiru by ZodaFalcon Haruka and Michiru-holiday- by MagicalShine Haruka and Michiru by MaestraRhy Haruka X Michiru by cicadella Kokoro ni ... michiru by traumhaendler Princesses Neptune x Uranus by strawberrygina

Minako & Yaten
What are you doing tomorrow? by uraasa Yaten and Minako by SleepyStarlight Minako and Yaten in Love by Eye-X-catcher Let me be your wings II by unconventionalsenshi Kiss me soon English ver. 2 by uraasa YaMina bit by unconventionalsenshi Shh by SleepyStarlight Minako and Yaten by a-emka christmas_ng by uraasa Give your heart a break by Lucid-Lilac Bed of morning by uraasa Summer festival by uraasa Slipping Memories II by reirei18 Doushinji Minako n Yaten pg174 by xobulmaxo Can you feel the love... by xobulmaxo BON ODORI FESTIVAL by SEIROTH

Minako & Kunzite
Date by Rei-Helen In the Royal garden by Lelanna Venus x Kunzite by strawberrygina minako and kunzite by MAMORU-odinokiy-volk Venus and Kunzite by Ti-Vennie Tender Love by Divine-Nataku Princess Venus with Kunzite by Seeraholic Love under Bodyguards by MinamiTakahashi Forbidden Tryst by Labtrinthine Silver millenium Couples MK by LadyMako Sailor Moon: Moonshine II by kassandralk

Rei & Jadeite
Someday in another life by SuzakuTrip Casablancas by JennieLuv Mars x Jadeite by strawberrygina :thumb191268608: Silver millenium Couples RJ by LadyMako In Another Life by tabeck Princess Mars with Jadeite by Seeraholic Music by Rei-Helen PASSION - Mars and Jadeite by sidewayslogic

Ami & Zoisite
Princess Mercury with Zoisite by Seeraholic Under an umbrella by Rei-Helen Mercury x Zoisite by strawberrygina Silver millenium Couples Az by LadyMako chibi: Ami x Zoi by RoadZero Pirate by kir-tat Bubbly by SuzakuTrip

Ami & Taiki
Manga style - Ami x Taiki by IlariaSometimes THOC COVER ROMANCES AMI Y TAIKI by LadyChivusChan In the snow... Ami and Taiki - part 3 by IlariaSometimes That beautiful ... sight. by SEIROTH

Makoto & Nephrite
Jupiter x Nephrite by strawberrygina Electric Love by MinamiTakahashi Ice rink by Rei-Helen Silver millenium Couples MN by LadyMako PASSION - Mars and Jadeite by sidewayslogic Makoto and Nephrite by Hillary-CW Love in Bloom by GossamerWing

Nephrite & Naru
Naru Nephrite: Genuine Smile by Fenrisfang SM: Let me show you the stars by TechnoRanma She called him Masato... by unconventionalsenshi Tree by kir-tat Still Here by Baranamtara Nephrite and Naru by RoadZero Compassion by shadowsphere21

Luna & Artemis
Luna and Artemis by xobulmaxo Luna and Artemis by ladyz0e Luna Kisses Artemis by JennaHickman Luna y Artemis by Sayaka-ssi Luna and Artemis by AmayaKouryuu :thumb330862091: ACEO: La Luna by 1000Dreams :thumb259415554: :thumb140989836:

Luna & Yaten
KaKAO 1 - In the moonlight by Petey-Winter Platonic Love by Torari

Luna & Kakeru
my space cadet by aestivus
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Yumecosmos Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist
Super late comment but wow! So much pretty art! I have some artists to stalk now...
And you remembered Luna and Artemis! It seems like everybody always forgets about them since they're kind of the boring old married couple of Sailor Moon. ^_^; But that's part of their charm.
(Hey, I think a Mars x Jadeite found it's way into the Jupiter x Nephrite column. not that it really matters since most people who like one of those pairings like the other too.)
MakaAlbarnxCrona Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
is that girl on the Nephrite & Naru coluom, Molly??
0Febris0 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Thank you very much for the feature! (among so many beautiful pictures..!) :glomp:
Kiara-Genesis Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
RoadZero Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Huhuhu, thank you for the feature!
Kiara-Genesis Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
reirei18 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013   General Artist
thanks for the feature..... :iconcocoloveplz:
Kiara-Genesis Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
Rei-Helen Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013
Thank you for featuring my works =)
Kiara-Genesis Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!
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